The sectional overhead door was a true revolution in the world of garage doors at the end of the 20th Century. But since then, very little change happened in hardware systems.

The world in changing though. New aspirations came along with the emergence of generation 4.0, creating new needs, including the one for adapting the daily work’s organisation. This is also true for door assemblers who face more and more difficulties in finding people ready to work in door production or installation.

Furthermore, door assembly meant so far to store profiles and other components in big quantities which in turn lead to fixed assets, production waste and obsolescence.

In light of those observations we decided to create Quality Set : a fully robotised factory equipped with the newest technological tools in order to produce – very precisely and within no lead time – customized hardware kits for every single door, according to configurations chosen by the assemblers within personalized product ranges they define themselves by selecting them among a multitude of innovative, qualitative and time-saving solutions.

This new vision of hardware offers unprecedented opportunities to assemblers :

  • personalized hardware kits
  • no lead time, no stock needed
  • technically and aesthetically innovative
  • simple and fast to install

Face the changing times !  Welcome to Quality Set